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Recover Unsaved/Replaced file in AutoCAD

  1. Locate the .bak file with same or similar prefix (name) in the same folder your file was, rename it to any name and make the extension .dwg.
  2. Look for files in your %temp% folder with a .sv$ and .ac$ extension with same or similar prefix (name) as your file and rename it to the extension .dwg.

Learn More: Autodesk Forum
– Overwritten File
– Unsaved File

Enable Drawing Status Bar in AutoCAD

To enable the drawing status bar:

  1. Enter STATUSBAR at the command line.
  2. Adjust the variable to 2 to display both the application status bar and drawing status bar.

For More: Autodesk Knowledge Network

Select all objects in a layer – AutoCAD

It can be done using the ‘Quick Select’ option.

Learn it here in Autodesk Forum.

Remove KMPlayer Ads

Steps to Remove Ads Box from KMPlayer ALL Version:

Step-1: Open Notepad and create a text file as index.htm (not index.htm.txt).

Step-2: Open File Explorer and now move the index.htm file to C:\Program Files\KMPlayer\Logo\

Watch this Video!

Change AutoCAD Default Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts in AutoCAD which are assigned by default need to be changed sometimes for personal favorite commands. For example, I needed to change the COPY command to ‘C’ and CIRCLE command to ‘CR’, as I use COPY very often and more than CIRCLE. For doing so,

From the ribbon, go to –
Tools > Customize > Edit Program Parameters (acad.pgp)

Now change the required shortcuts in the Wordpad.
If not activated, then close and restart AutoCAD and try again.

Learn More: AutoCAD Forum

Embed Subtitles

Want to embed/merge subtitles into video files?

Download the MKVToolNix software and follow the instructions here! It’s the easiest I could find.

Lyrics Plug-in

If you ever need a Lyrics Plugin, specially for Winamp, go straight for MiniLyrics. Trust me, its AWESOME!

Download it here.
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