Enable Drawing Status Bar in AutoCAD

To enable the drawing status bar:

  1. Enter STATUSBAR at the command line.
  2. Adjust the variable to 2 to display both the application status bar and drawing status bar.

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Change AutoCAD Default Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts in AutoCAD which are assigned by default need to be changed sometimes for personal favorite commands. For example, I needed to change the COPY command to ‘C’ and CIRCLE command to ‘CR’, as I use COPY very often and more than CIRCLE. For doing so,

From the ribbon, go to –
Tools > Customize > Edit Program Parameters (acad.pgp)

Now change the required shortcuts in the Wordpad.
If not activated, then close and restart AutoCAD and try again.

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Exploring Bangladeshi Mud Architecture

Kar ghor eta? Rahna ghor kothay? Ke ekhane thake? Whose room is this? Where is the kitchen? Who stays here?   Over the last couple weeks, we three

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Hospital Municipal Villa el Libertador Príncipe de Asturias / Santiago Viale + Ian Dutari + Alejandro Paz


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Concept Diagram

Finished. Not Perfect.


Student of Architecture!



Cities of the future

Who is this architect that placed scaled figures onto a pile of chips?

Guess who did this project??