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Vikings – The Wanderer

“It is true that the more complicated a person is, the more intersting he is. But at the same time, the more dangerous he is.”

Michael Hirst

Vikings, S03E02, The Wanderer

"Our Country, right or wrong! When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be put right."

Celebrating 45 years of Victory of Bangladesh!

45 years of Bangladesh!

Recover Unsaved/Replaced file in AutoCAD

  1. Locate the .bak file with same or similar prefix (name) in the same folder your file was, rename it to any name and make the extension .dwg.
  2. Look for files in your %temp% folder with a .sv$ and .ac$ extension with same or similar prefix (name) as your file and rename it to the extension .dwg.

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Autumn in the valley

Art at the push of a button

Tree, mountain, autumn, leaves, Notis Stamos There were several trees like this one in the valley, each one well worth a photo.

This is another photo from Eng Alm in the Karwendel natural reserve. During the first two hours after dawn I decided to use the beautiful trees as foreground, going in very close and shooting from the ground with a wide angle lens. This would result in strong geometric distortion at the edges but it was a sacrifice worth making.

© 2016 Epameinondas Stamos

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Enable Drawing Status Bar in AutoCAD

To enable the drawing status bar:

  1. Enter STATUSBAR at the command line.
  2. Adjust the variable to 2 to display both the application status bar and drawing status bar.

For More: Autodesk Knowledge Network

Your Chance to ‘Ask Peter Capaldi’!




Source: Chibitach by Joanacchi

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